Non Contact Tonometer

Non Contact Tonometer ( HNT-1P) 

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :

• Based on the rotary prism measuring technology
• Very fast and accurate readings.
• Color mode for patient visualisation
• Retro-Illumination mode with PRM ( Measuring refraction in Dense Media).n

Additional Information:
Item Code: HNT-1 P

Non Contact Tonometer -  Model HNT-1P / 1  , Huvitz

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :
• The only scheimpflug based NCT , offering the view of the ACA and of course Pachymetry.
• Automatic X-Y tracking of each eye.
• SPC mode for patient comfort.
• Touch Screen monitor with Motorised Chin-rest..

Huvitz Digital Applanation Tonometer

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :
• R Type- Easy mount on Slit-Lamps
• Digital Readout easy to read in dark room
• Two Cones
• Value For Money product.