Ultrasound A & B Scan Pachymeter

Ophthalmic A B Scan

Made in Suowei

Features :
• Connectable to USB Computer
• Noiseless 10Mhz Probe
• Very Economical – Bscan at cost of Auto-ref
• Better diagnosis for pre-op cataract cases
• A Scan mode has 6 formulae
• Available as B scan only also.
• Pseudo Color
• TGC available
• Light Weight only 1 Kg.

Additional Information:
Item Code: Sp2000

Ophthalmic A Scan

Made in Sonop Tek

Features :
• Immersion Biometry- Possible
• 6 formulae in built
• Color LCD with touch-screen.
• 10Mhz Fixation probe.
• Printer Inbuilt
• Upgradable to Pachy anytime

Additional Information: Item Code: Sp1000a

Combine A Scan Pachymetry

Made in Sonop Tek

Our organization has come up with an extensive array of Combine a Scan Pachymetry that is highly used in hospitals and clinics for many surgical purposes. These scanning machines are compact design and available with ultra modern LCD touch screen. Our products are highly loved by doctors due to reliable performance and less maintenance. The cost of these machines is very affordable.

• LCD touch screen
• Compact design
• Easy to install
• Exact recital

Additional Information:
Item Code: Sp1000ap

Ophthalmic Pachymeter

Made in Sonop Tek

• Sleek Portable, Touchscreen, built-in Printer.
• Map / Single Point measurement.
• Measure upto from 200 µm to 1900µm cornea
• Has the Dresden Compensation for IOP.
• Made by Suowei , China.
• American Probe.

Additional Information:
Item Code: SP-1000P