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Patternless Lens Edgers

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Excelon Lens Edger HPE-410
Made in Excelon

Features :

  • 8 different edging types including bevel, rimless, grooving, mini bevel, partial bevel, partial grooving, dual grooving and hybrid grooving
  • Hydrophobic mode sets all the edging options for axis-safe cutting with one click of a button
  • 6 types of edging positions including auto, manual, base curve (absolute), percent, front offset and rear offset
  • 4 types of retouch options including size, polishing, grooving and safety level
  • Retouch up to 6 of the latest jobs 6 single sided edges or 3 double-sided edges
  • Direct DCS (OMA) import saves time and file duplication concerns by skipping the conversion step
  • Multiple job handling and concurrent processing allows the user to manage jobs that have been paused, completed, and saved or jobs currently being processed. User is able to prepare the next edging task while the edger is in process.

HUVTIZ Lens Edger HPE-810
Made in HUVTIZ

Features :

  • Highly Efficient CPU
  • Faster Processing
  • Customized Mini Bevel
  • Concave Shape Processing
  • Easy Click Editing (for Chemistrie Clip Features)
  • Powerful Drill
  • Design Your Imagination (optional) with Scan & Cut.

Made in Huvitz Korea

KAIZER, a machine ambitiously conceived to be the most charismatic king of the kings:

  • A creation beyond the conventional systems; A joyful work environment with superior and ergonomic design; Precise and fast performance; A system trustable at any time.
  • An incomparable edging solution.
  • The KAIZER will honor your business; with its appearance and performance