Auto Ref-Keratometer

Autoref Keratometer- HNT-1 P 

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :

• Based on the rotary prism measuring technology
• Very fast and accurate readings.
• Color mode for patient visualisation
• Retro-Illumination mode with PRM ( Measuring refraction in Dense Media).n

Additional Information:
Item Code: HNT-1 P

Autoref Keratometer

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :
Intelligence in your vision! Huvitz is always striving to reflect all your questions and demands through state-of-the-art refraction system. Finally we introduce HRK-9000A reinforced with subjective VA test and curvilinear design. A brand new auto ref/keratometer, this is another challenge Huvitz will overcome

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Item Code: HRK 9000


Made in Huvitz Shanghai
The optimal Optical System based on Huvitz’s unique optic technology offers fast and accurate reading and enhances the reliability of the measurement results.
The reliable keratometry of CRK-7000 using 2 mire ring and 2 LED's provides corneal curvature radius and corneal refractive power.

Features :
• Best in class accuracy, Updated Technology
• Automatic Keratometry
• Color LCD
• Auto mode, Display mode
• Size mode
• Thermal printer in built
• Economic
• Korean Optics-China prices(Made in Shanghai Huvitz)

Additional Information:
Item Code: CRK-7000

Autoref Keratometer

Made in Huvitz Korea

Features :
• Color mode for Eye Photo via HDMI
• Higher order aberration on screen
• Point Spread Function, Retinal Image
• Retro-Illumination mode
• Contact Lens Evaluation on screen
• Auto tracking for each eye
• Motorised chin-rest.
• Touch screen tiltable with Auto cut printer
• Virtual comparision mode for Subjective Screening
Additional Information:
Item Code: HRK-8000