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Welcome to our world and thank you for going to spend your valuable time with us. We have endeavored to provide you with the best and the most economical range in Ophthalmic / Optometric Instruments. All our products come with unique features which make them stand out from the competition.

We surely hope that you will consider the purchase of any one or more of the products mentioned herein and live in the new experience of buying with Jaggi. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and import of Ophthalmic equipment.

We are exporting to over 25 countries worldwide and have earned a good reputation with our clients for our quality, price and after sales support.

In April 2007 the company was converted into a sole ownership one with Mr. Gaurav Jaggi at the control for the Ophthalmic Instrument division. Mr. Jaggi is a graduate in Optometry from the coveted Elite School of Optometry, Chennai and hence in the correct evaluation of a product and its due training to its prospective users.

At present, the company employs full time management graduates and service engineers to maintain and sell the products effectively. The stress is on quality impartation of knowledge to all the employees so that the sold product is duly justified.

With permission to market exclusively the products of M/s Jaggi Ophthalmic Instrument Co, our range of products have increased manifold. Our assurance on the quality and their research have ensured that the product coming to your table is the best value for money option.

Our vision 6/6 on technology. We are clear in our minds to be focused on the field of eye care and associated technology. For the foreseeable amount of future our effort would be to make the company one of the best managed Ophthalmic equipment company in India.

A recent addition to our line of products is the Gem and Jewellery inspection equipment. The equipment manufactured by our parent and principal company M/s Jaggi Ophthalmic Instrument Co, have proven themselves to various Inspection institutes not only in India but overseas as well.